Your Home Furnace Oil Filter Can Easily Be Changed – By You!

Although you will require your HVAC unit to be maintained by a professional engineer or contractor at least once every year, there are some smaller tasks that you can complete yourself, like changing and cleaning your oil burning furnace filter. You only need organize furnace parts in Columbus, Ohio and maintain a regular supply where necessary.

Can You Really Complete This Task?

Some individuals may not be able to handle a wrench but might know a family member or friend that can help complete this quick task at least twice every year.

By planning ahead, you will have organized your spare filters having purchased them from your favorite supplier of furnace parts in Columbus, Ohio.

The best times to update and clean your filters are just before you turn the heater on for the first time before the cold weather arrives and then again, halfway through the period until you turn the heating off for a few months.

You can add the dates to your calendar, digital or paper. This will save you money because you won’t need to call in your HVAC maintenance crew to carry out the task. As it will only take you a few minutes, this is a much better viable alternative than waiting the necessary number of hours for your engineer to arrive.

How to Complete the Task

You can probably find a YouTube video that shows you how to complete the task. They will suggest you turn off the power to your HVAC system as well as the oil supply leading to the filter. The shut-off valve will be located just above the filter on the oil supply line. You will need a bucket to catch excess oil when you remove the filter.

You simply remove the part of the casing that allows the filter to drop through, clean it if possible or throw it away and replace it with a new filter that you purchased from your supplier of furnace parts in Columbus, Ohio.

Insert the new filter using an O-ring to seal the connection, using a new O-ring each time. Follow the directions to bleed the air from the filter and then turn everything back on. This might be a slightly messy task, but it would be completed in your own time.

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