Your Galley Kitchen and Ceramic Tiles in Colorado Springs

by | Nov 6, 2013 | Kitchen & Bath

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Do you love every part of your home except for your galley kitchen? It is not uncommon for people to feel cramped in a galley-style kitchen. This is because of the long and narrow room. However, you can update the area to make it feel more airy and beach-like. The first thing to do is paint the wood cabinetry. A crisp white is a good choice. Next, you will need to decide on the countertop. A blue quartz countertop is the perfect choice to break up the white and add some refreshing color to the room. Next, it will be time to add the backsplash. There are wonderful ceramic tiles in Colorado Springs. A great option will be found in the tan color. This is how you will achieve a more beach-like kitchen design. The countertop will mimic the color of the ocean and the tan backsplash will mimic the sand. Further, the crisp white cabinetry will remind you of the white ships or sails.

The best place to review options in countertops and backsplashes is at Sol Granite Stone and Tile Center. Further, if you need help with design ideas, the experts can give you suggestions. Do not be afraid to play with color. For example, you may decide that a beach-themed kitchen is not right for you. However, you love the look and feel of modern designs. For this reason, you might decide on a different colors and textures in your kitchen. Further, you can take samples and compare them together at the design center. The consultant may also have other options that you had not considered too.

There are many things to consider when you decide to update your kitchen. There are colors, textures and styles to consider. However, no matter what style you are leaning toward, it is best to view the options in person. Further, if you still are not sure which Ceramic Tiles in Colorado Springs will work best, you can bring a cabinet door into the design center and compare everything there at one time. Do not be afraid to play with different styles. Now is the time to get excited and explore options.