Your faulty air ducts could be making you ill

Your air duct system is one of the most important systems in your home. It’s the source of both warm and cool air, and is also responsible for the quality of air that is piped around your home. If the ductwork is faulty, there can be any number of problems that occur. Firstly, any leaks or problems with the ductwork will result in your paying maybe hundreds of dollars more to keep your home warm. Also, if mold has form on the ducts, the quality of air that is being pumped into your home may be laden with bacteria and may be a health hazard. Further, if the ducts are damaged or flattened, you won’t be getting the full flow of air, and may find you need to turn the heat up to have a comfortable home or office. This is when you need to call in an inspector to do a thorough check of your air ducts.

Checking on underground ductwork

The ducting system in a home will consist of an entire network of tubes that will be found either in the ceiling, or in the walls or floors. These will carry the air from your air conditioner or furnace to each room in the house. Traditionally, ducts have been made of sheet metal or fiberglass. Obviously, over time, metal can corrode and leaks can occur.

If your ductwork is situated underground, this makes is difficult to get to and any repairs can be costly due to having to dig into the foundations. This is when you may want to consider a more permanent solution, and there is a product available that can be used to completely seal the ducts. Should you simply put duct tape over leaks or attempt to screw sections back together, it is most likely that the repairs will soon fail, and you’ll be back to calling in an inspector to effect repairs.

Insulating your ducts with latex

Duct Armor has produced a latex based product that can completely coat your ducts. If you have experienced water damage, this product will protect against further damage, although it’s always a good idea to locate a water leak and fix it to prevent other damage to your home. This coating can make your old ductwork better than new, and will eliminate mold and bacteria from growing inside your ducts and spewing into your home. People who have purchased this coating have noticed a drop in their energy bills and a great difference in the air quality in their homes.

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