Your Dentist in Paulsboro Can Repair Your Tooth

There is nothing worse than biting down on your food and feeling the crunch of a broken tooth. When an injury occurs in the teeth, it can cause pain and lasting damage. To avoid further damage and eventual tooth loss, it is important you are seen right away. Your Dentist in Paulsboro has many treatment options to correct the damage to your tooth and stop further breaking and crumbling. These options can help to save your teeth and prevent further issues with your smile.

Treatments Offered For Damaged Teeth

*    Chips — If your tooth becomes chipped, the dentist has special tools to smooth out the damage and make it appear less obvious. This can also help to prevent further damage. The dentist will carefully file and reshape the tooth, making sure there are no jagged edges to cause you problems. If the chip is small enough, this can be an effective treatment.

*    Cracks and breaks — When the tooth suffers from more severe damage, it is necessary for your Dentist in Paulsboro to use special bonding adhesives. If the damage is not through the entire tooth, the dentist may be able to correct the damage by using a bonding agent. This resin is placed over the tooth and hardened with a special light. It can seal off the damaged area and help to prevent further injury.

*    Knocked out teeth — When your tooth becomes knocked out, it can leave you with a gaping hole in your smile. The good news is, your dentist may be able to save the tooth, even if it was knocked out. It is important you are seen right away and you bring the tooth with you so your dentist can see if it can be saved. If the tooth cannot be saved, you can have a bridge or a dental implant put into its place. Click here for more

*    Crowns — When the tooth becomes very damaged and is not stable enough for traditional forms of treatment, there are dental crowns. These crowns are made of porcelain or metal and can completely cover the tooth, improving the appearance and preventing further damage.

If you want to see your dentist about repairing a tooth, contact the dentist in Paulsboro. Through the Cosmetic Dentistry offered at Deptford Family Dental, you can have your tooth repaired so you do not lose the beauty of your smile.