Your Children Can Avoid Cavities With Family Dentistry in Trumbull CT

Cavities can do a great deal of damage to a person’s smile, especially children. When decay begins, it will quickly lead to damage which can sometimes destroy a tooth. It is imperative children receive regular dental care from Family Dentistry in Trumbull CT.

How Do Dentists Help Children Avoid Cavities?

Cavities can be completely avoided if a child receives the dental care they are in need of. Children should begin seeing the dentist around their first birthday and then should be seen at least twice a year. The dentist can help children to keep healthy smiles and prevent their adult teeth from experiencing damage.

The dentist is able to prevent cavities by first examining the teeth. This is important for checking for any signs of decay. If decay is found through examination, this means the cavity has progressed enough to show outward signs.

Often, cavities are found through X-rays. This allows the dentist to discover cavities before they even begin to show any outward signs. This is important because it allows the dentist to treat the cavity before it causes any major damage to the tooth.

Care at Home Is Important

It is also important a child receives oral care at home. Oral care practices need to begin before a child even cuts their first tooth. By gently wiping the gums clean, parents can help to protect their child’s gum tissue and their growing teeth.

Once a child begins to cut teeth, they will need regular brushing and flossing to ensure cavities do not occur. A child should be supervised with their oral care practices until they have demonstrated they have mastered the proper technique.

Seeing the dentist and proper brushing and flossing at home will help children to avoid cavities that can lead to serious oral health concerns. With these two combined, children can protect the health of their childhood and adult teeth.

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