You May Not Be Stuck With that Lemon-A Lemon Law for a Car Can Help

If you are stuck with a “lemon” you may think you have no recourse but the fact is that the lemon law for a car might be able to help. “Lemon laws” are the laws that protect consumers from getting stuck with vehicles that are unsafe, not operating as they should or that fail shortly after purchase.

The Sad Facts

Unfortunately, “buying a lemon” from a reputable dealer is far more common than you think. Many times, it is a manufacturer defect that is behind the problems, in other cases it is just shoddy practices by the dealership, in both cases you may have a case. Thousands of people each year buy vehicles that:

   *   Have recall problems that are well-known by the dealership
   *   Do not perform as promised
   *   Were sold under false claims
   *   Spend more time back at the dealership than on the road

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are recalled every year because of engineering defects, manufacturing defects or safety violations. Dealerships often will sell these vehicles at discount prices without disclosing the recall information.  You buy a lemon and are made to feel that you do not have any recourse but you do! A lemon las for a car can help you to get out from under that vehicle and get your money back!

The Retribution

Luckily, the consumer laws when it comes to purchasing a faulty vehicle are clear. You may have protection and you can take advantage of that protection with the assistance of an attorney that specializes in helping consumers take advantage of these laws. You can potentially get your money back, get a replacement vehicle and sue for other damages. You need a lawyer, you need Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® or visit our website for more details.