You May Need Allergy Testing In Jasper, IN

Frequently, people think they’re getting sick for no reason. They probably are allergic to something and need to be tested. There are all kinds of allergies–hayfever, pet allergies, food allergies and more.

Allergies produce many symptoms including dizziness, headaches and rashes. Often, the symptoms are confused with another illness. If you have this problem, visit Doctor C. Steven Smith at Accredited Asthma, Allergy and Food Intolerance Center. The first step in finding relief is allergy testing.

If you need allergy testing in Jasper, IN, there are different tests:

skin prick test-a small amount of the suspected allergen is placed on the skin–a series of scratches or skin pricks allows the allergen to enter the skin. If the area gets red and itchy, the patient is usually allergic to that allergen.

intradermal test-a small amount of the allergen is injected into the skin. This test is usually done when the skin prick test is negative, and the doctor still suspects the allergen.

skin patch test-used in cases of suspected contact dermatitis. Allergen is placed on a pad that’s taped to the skin for 24 to 72 hours.

If you have a confirmed allergy, you’ll probably have to get shots. Doctors start out by injecting patients with small doses of the allergen, once or twice a week. The dose goes up gradually and you increase to a shot every two to four weeks, for four to five months. Patients usually end up getting a shot once a month. After a few years, your symptoms will improve and you may not need shots.

A food allergy may begin as itching in the mouth, and the patient may not be able to swallow. The person may develop hives and asthma, once the allergen gets in the blood stream. Doctors tell patients to keep a food journal to figure out what food is causing the reaction. Avoiding the food is the primary treatment when a food allergy is confirmed. People with food allergies need to read the ingredients label on foods. Many allergy culprits, like peanuts, eggs and milk, are found in foods that are not commonly associated with them. The important thing is to identify what you’re allergic to, and follow doctor’s orders.

allergy testing in Jasper, IN

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