You Have a Better Chance of Receiving SSDI with a Representative

Those that have been injured, or developed a health condition and can no longer work, are stuck trying to file for Social Security disability to survive. It is nearly impossible to try and support your family when you cannot hold down a full-time job. You need legal counsel to help you file for SSDI Phoenix, AZ benefits. You are sure to have many questions that need to be answered, and legal representation is critical when it comes to filing for SSD successfully. Sure you could try to file SSD on your own, but it is more difficult to file without experience. Social Security disability is complicated and in most cases to get approved requires two appeals and a hearing. Having a representative on your side at the hearing improves your chances of being approved for benefits.

What Can an SSDI Attorney Do for You?

When you hire a professional SSDI attorney, you are given expert guidance in the Social Security disability realm. Many questions need to be answered, as well as many steps that need proper legal attention. A professional SSDI attorney understands the claim process and can make sure everything is done correctly. An attorney will also help you understand what information they need to help you get your claim approved. There are many opportunities for failure when filing for social security disability, and it’s easy to give up when denied benefits. An expert Social Security disability lawyer can make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible and will help you through every step in the process.

You Play an Active Role in a Disability Claim

It is a common misconception that you will not play an active role while filing for Social Security disability. Whether your claim is approved or not is going to change your life, and has a great impact on your future. Having an attorney to represent you is vital, and being involved in your case is essential. Competent attorneys are going to make sure to keep their clients informed during every step of the process. Attorneys will contact the client regularly and make sure that updated medical records are requested, as needed. The SSD law firm and the client need to take a team approach and keep in touch during the process.

The Slepian Smith, PLLC has a dedicated staff ready to help you start the process of filing a Social Security disability claim.

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