You Give Your Customers Your Best, Why Settle for Less from Your Commercial Pest Control Company?

As a business owner, you work hard every day to provide your customers with the highest levels of customer care and satisfaction available.  Why settle for anything less than that from your commercial pest control company?  After all, shoddy pest control is not just an issue that impacts you and your employees; pests can cause you to lose customers and merchandise, reducing your bottom line.

Viking Pest Control of Maryland takes a comprehensive approach to commercial pest control.  We understand that, as a business, you may need us to be flexible in our pesticide application hours and that you may have products that you cannot use in your place of business.  That is why we begin all of our commercial pest control relationships by finding out your particular needs and concerns.  We then develop a comprehensive plan that not only deals with any infestations you may have, whether rodent, insect, or bird, but also deals with prevention.

What makes Viking Pest Control better than our competition?  Well, we are pest-control experts.  We have been in business and satisfying customers for over 30 years. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which focuses on prevention, reducing the need for pesticides, and improving health and safety. We have an on-staff entomologist, and all of our staff is highly trained, making them more capable of correctly identifying a problem so that it can be resolved quickly.  We are QualityPro Certified.  We provide comprehensive pest control solutions for a wide range of pests, including: termites, carpenter ants, rodents, birds, deer, roaches, stink bugs, ants, and other insects.

Like any successful business, at Viking Pest Control, we are constantly focusing on best practices.  Call Viking Pest to schedule an appointment at (800) 618-BUGS or click the link below.