You Can Improve Your Smile With Teeth Whitening Lubbock

One your most important assets is your winning smile. A beautiful smile can open doors that most people would never dream of. Unfortunately, that beautiful smile takes both work to acquire and even more work to keep. For example, the field of orthodontics is there to straighten and align your teeth which in some cases can take months or even years to accomplish. This is the primary reason that most orthodontist recommend braces at an early age. Thankfully, not all beautification procedures are so difficult. In fact, one of the easiest dental procedures performed today is Teeth Whitening Lubbock.

Dental bleaching or teeth whitening as it professionally termed is the process of applying a surface coating of peroxide, normally carbomide peroxide to the enamel of your teeth. Carbomide peroxide is the preferred choice because it is a milder form of peroxide even though it changes to hydrogen peroxide when activated with water. This chemical process that changes the carbomide into hydrogen peroxide is the primary whitening action in most Teeth Whitening Lubbock procedures.

The whitening procedure is typically the easiest dental process you may ever have. The dentist will apply an even layer of paste or gel over the teeth and allow it to sit for roughly fifteen minutes. At this point they will check the process for the amount of whitening effect and if necessary continue the application. If necessary they will add more peroxide to increase the strength, however this is pretty rare because the dentist doesn’t want to risk a chemical burn on the patient’s lips or gum areas. This is perhaps the largest reason to have your dental whitening performed by specialists. Cleaning chemicals in the mouth, no matter where they come from could be dangerous and attempting to increase their effect could harm your mouth.

In spite of the plethora of over the counter whitening products available, dental offices such as Dyal Family Dentistry are still your best choice for teeth whitening. The dental office can provide a uniform result, usually within a single visit and without the use of hundreds of strips or pastes. If you are considering the process of teeth whitening you should give them or your preferred dentist a call today.

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