You and Your Divorce Attorney: 3 Important Things That You Need to Do

Even under the best of circumstances, going through a divorce can be stressful. Your divorce attorney in Summit County is there to help you deal with the details and ensure that your interests are protected.

In order to provide your attorney with what’s needed to accomplish those goals, it pays to do your part. Here are three tips:

Be Open and Honest with Your Divorce Attorney

In order to protect you during your divorce, your attorney needs to know about anything that could have an impact on the proceedings. Remember that your legal counsel is not interested in passing moral judgments on your actions. What he or she does want to do is anticipate and defuse any attempt by the opposing counsel to leverage your actions against you. The only way this is possible is if your attorney knows your history.

Listen to Your Attorney

Your divorce attorney in Summit County may suggest ways to conduct yourself throughout your divorce proceedings. It’s important to follow this advice, no matter how frivolous or unnecessary it might seem to you. In the long run, your attorney’s advice can protect you.

Let Your Attorney Negotiate for You

In some cases, it’s possible for divorcing spouses to work out the details of their divorce settlement. This is even preferred because it frees up time in the court system. But it’s important that any negotiating you do with your spouse be one in the presence of your divorce attorneys. This ensures that nothing is misinterpreted and it protects you from falling victim to being manipulated.

Your divorce attorney is there to ensure you are protected in every way. Be up front, hold back nothing, and take what your attorney has to say seriously. Doing so increases the odds of moving through the dissolution of your marriage with greater ease.

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