Yes, You Can Find Quality Diamond Rings on a Tight Budget

Whether you’re getting engaged or simply buying a super-special gift for your sweetie, finding Quality Diamond Rings on a budget can be a challenge. When buying diamonds, the trick is to get the best quality you can within your budget–a task that’s easier said than done. Luckily, there are a few tricks that will help you maximize your purchase power and find a diamond ring that’s both high-quality and beautiful. Here’s what to look for when buying diamonds on a budget.

Choose the Right Metal

The metal you select for your diamond ring can really affect its price, so choose wisely. Ideally, you want a metal that is budget-friendly but won’t become scratched or misshapen over time. Your best options for low-cost metals that will still stand the test of time are titanium, rose gold and recycled metals. All of these choices cost far less than pricey platinum or white gold rings. You can also save money by choosing a simple band rather than one that’s engraved or twisted into complex shapes.

Find the Right Shape

If you can’t afford a 2-carat rock but still want to focus on Quality Diamond Rings that look large, the right shape can help. Diamond shapes with a large surface area will make the stone appear larger than it actually is, allowing you to get a slightly smaller stone that won’t strain your wallet. The best diamond-enhancing shapes are round, oval and pear shapes.

Don’t Worry So Much About Clarity

A diamond’s clarity refers to how many blemishes, or inclusions are in the stone. However, surface inclusions that are visible to the naked eye are rare; most inclusions can only be seen under intense magnification. The best values in clarity are to be found in stones that are rated S12 or S13–although these are slightly included, no one will be the wiser.

Consider the Cut

A good cut can make even a smaller, inexpensive diamond appear large and dazzling. If budget is an issue, experts recommend focusing on finding a great cut that reflects the light in a brilliant way. Look for cuts that are rated as “good” or “very good” for the best value. These cuts will provide a high-end sparkle at a great price.

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