Would Slant Grave Markers in Connecticut Be the Right Choice for the Family Plot?

When it comes to Grave Markers in Connecticut, there are many options to consider. From designs that are flat to tall monuments, consumers who want to choose markers as part of the funeral and burial advance planning have plenty of choices. One that should be considered closely is the slant grave marker. Here are some of the reasons these Grave Markers in Connecticut are so popular.

The Simple Design

Slant Grave Markers in Connecticut are constructed to stand in an upright position. Unlike pillar markers that are designed to rest on top of the slab, a slant marker makes better use of vertical space and stands out a little more. The name is derived by the cut of the marker material. The side that displays most of the information about the deceased is cut at a slant. This actually provides a little extra room to include something other than a name, a birth date, and a death date.

While there are exceptions, these markers are known for their simplistic design. That doesn’t mean they have to be free of all ornamentation. It just means the overall design is basic enough to suit most tastes, will be in compliance with the guidelines used by most cemeteries, and still provides space for a little customization.
A More Affordable Approach

There are other upright designs that cost considerably more than the standard slant marker. This makes it ideal for anyone who likes the look of an upright marker but prefers to keep the overall burial costs within a certain budgeted amount. The effect is still much the same, so there is not a compromise in terms of appearance. What it will do is ensure the individual can pay for everything in advance, including the grave marker.

If the idea of learning more about slant grave markers seems like a good idea, Visit Shelleybrothersmonumentsct.com today and take a look at some of the images found on the site. Contact the team and arrange to talk more in depth about this particular marker option. After seeing a few samples up close and discussing the cost of preparation and placement, it will be easy to make the right choice.

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