Working With an Accident Attorney in Norwich CT

Being involved in an auto accident is not something that anyone enjoys. Along with seeking medical care if needed, it also helps to engage the services of an Accident Attorney in Norwich CT. In fact, hiring that attorney should be a priority from the very beginning.

When to Contact the Attorney

The best time to contact the Accident Attorney in Norwich CT is while everyone is still at the scene of the accident. Once the call is made to 911 and there is assurance that the police and a medical team are on the way, the next call should be to the attorney. Depending on the severity of the situation, the attorney may visit the scene personally or at least have a trusted associate assess the condition of the client.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

While attempting to recover from the accident, the last thing that an injured party needs is to deal with an insurance company representative. With an attorney taking care of the legal side of things, it is possible to avoid any direct communications with insurance companies. When a representative from the insurance company does call, the only thing the client needs to do is provide the name and telephone number of the attorney. In fact, many accident attorneys will insist that their clients do not have any conversations with insurance company representatives without having legal counsel present.

Reaching a Settlement

The attorney will seek to secure the best possible settlement for the client. This is important, since an injury often means time out of work, and medical bills that must be paid. When the nature of the injury is permanent or will require a long period of convalescence, that will factor into the amount that the attorney seeks to secure.

Negotiation is usually the first step in securing a settlement. If the other party is not willing to negotiate, the attorney can file suit in a court of law and plead the case before a judge. Assuming the evidence is solid and there is no doubt about who is at fault, the judge is likely to render a decision in favor of the plaintiff.

Attorneys know how to protect the interests of their clients, and will use every legal means to do so.

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