Window Repair or Glass Replacement in Silver Spring Md for Condensation Between Panes

Double-pane glass windows were manufactured to resolve the problem that glass is not very effective at insulating. With air, or with argon or another gas inside the panes, energy efficiency is boosted because heat cannot move through that substance as easily as it moves through glass. Sometimes the seals fail on these windows, which will require either repair or replacement of the seals, or complete window Glass Replacement in Silver Spring MD. When seals begin to deteriorate, condensation develops between the panes and creates fog.

Argon is the most common gas for this purpose. It has the advantages of being clear, odorless and non-toxic. It has a greater density than room air, which is why the gas is better for energy efficiency than normal air between the panes. Krypton also can be used, although it less prevalent in window products. Most people may be more familiar with the word krypton as a fictional planet name in the Superman universe, but, like argon, it’s also a chemical element.

The main reason to choose window Glass Replacement in Silver Spring MD instead of having the seals repaired would be if the existing window was of distinctly lower quality. The previous homeowners may have chosen a cheap model in order to save money, especially if they weren’t planning to stay in the house all that long. The best windows have long warranties because the manufacturers and installation professionals know that the failure rate is relatively low and that repairing the seals will fix the issue.

Many people delay having the work done and wind up feeling irritated about the fog in the windows. At first, the area of condensation is small and it only appears sporadically. Over time, the foggy area becomes larger and seems to never go away. Homeowners know this detracts from the appearance of their home both inside and out, and it also reduces the quality of the view to the outdoors. The best solution is to hire a contractor such as Beltway Auto & Plate Glass to evaluate the situation and complete the repair or replacement work so the windows look great again. Click Here for more information on this particular organization and its services.