Will Your Audience Notice the Difference Between a Grand or Upright Piano?

When you, perhaps together with a small committee, are obliged to replace or purchase a new grand piano in Florida, are you going to consider saving funds by purchasing an upright piano or is a grand piano essential for your church and congregation? What are the real differences?

Why A Grand and Not an Upright Piano?

The original design of a grand piano was to ensure that the long strings and large soundboard were accommodated horizontally. Pianos were only owned by individuals or families with a large room in the home when they were not being used in a concert hall.

As pianos became financially viable for more families, a shorter set of strings and a small soundboard were used within an upright piano. This was designed so a piano could be installed in a small area and cost far less.

When you consider the options for a grand piano in Florida, the surroundings and size where you will place the piano in your establishment are of utmost importance. You may not be able to accommodate a grand piano with sufficient, safe space around it, efficiently.

For a professional pianist, the incredible sound from a grand piano will always outperform an upright piano or electric pianos. Some digital pianos contain a soundboard that is very close to the quality of a grand piano.

The bass strings will be longer, and because they are applied to a larger soundboard, the overall tone and volume will be far better in a grand piano in comparison to an upright piano.

A good quality pianist will be able to perform equally well on any piano model of choice. Whether this is in a church or rehearsal area, the better quality of piano will enhance the sound.

When you decide to choose a grand piano in Florida or an upright model, it is better to locate a company that has great experience and knowledge on all the pianos available and for your pianist to play on their favorite models before making the ultimate decision.

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