Wide Variety of Mesh Banners Available

Have you considered the use of mesh banners for your business or organization? If not, now is the moment to reconsider this decision. Why? They are a wonderfully affordable and innovative way to send a message. Whether it is a message about an upcoming event at a specific venue, a sale at a business or any other sort of statement, these big, bold and bright displays are bound to satisfy.

Understanding the Differences

What sets mesh banners apart from other outdoor (or indoor) displays? As their name explains, they are made of mesh and that means that wind, air and light pass through them. This gives them a sort of solidity that other banners are missing, and it is why they are also far more durable – even having a sense of permanency when placed in specific locations. This solidity is also what makes them a good choice as long-term signage, such as a rooftop or side of building display for a season or two.

Not Flags

Most mesh banners are far too rugged to be hung in a way similar to flag or similar display. Instead, they are meant to act more as a display then flag or even banner. As an example, a storefront may use them just inside a window or behind the window display, and have them display a seasonal message or image. They will allow ample amounts of light through them and into the space, and yet serve as a very contemporary form of advertising and/or marketing.

The Colors Available

When you opt for custom printing, you can also enjoy the same bold and vibrant hues that traditional signage offers, though the airy texture of the mesh can make colors seem a bit paler or more pastel than a vinyl banner. This, however, is hardly distinct enough to make a difference, and richer saturations can be chosen to get the original effect. If wind resistance and stability are more important, the mesh is the way to go!

Getting Started

At New York Banner Stands, you can work with our team to get custom banners, including those made entirely of mesh. We can work with you to design and print them to your specification, and you can start the custom design process by phoning us at (212) 300-3892/(800) 516-7606 or dropping us a message at info@NewYorkBannerStands.com. You can also visit us online to see our comprehensive range of banners and flags.

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