Why Your B2B Company Needs A LinkedIn Trainer

Every social network site has its own particular niche. Too many business professionals don’t truly understand the value of LinkedIn as a highly effective B2B marketing tool. If your company has never utilized a top LinkedIn trainer to bring your sales professionals up to speed on the platform, your company is not achieving its full potential.

Many business professionals and B2B sales staff tend to use LinkedIn in the same way they use a personal Facebook or Twitter account. While this may result in some connections, it is certainly not a way to generate qualified leads for a company. Through the use of an experienced and recognized LinkedIn trainer, sales staff can get rid of old, unproductive habits and learn how to use this site effectively for creating new business potential.

What is Your Profile Saying?

Many sales managers and upper management professionals in mid-sized businesses are not aware of what their individual sales staff actually has on their LinkedIn profile. In some cases, there may be poor quality pictures, selfies, or other types of images used that are not professional and not at all relevant to your business.

Other factors that a LinkedIn trainer will be able to point out to staff includes the language that is in the profile, including what the headline specifically provides as their professional designation. Ideally it should include the correct title or job description along with the company name.

Making the Connections

An important factor with a top LinkedIn trainer will be developing an understanding of how to communicate online. LinkedIn, as with all social media sites, offers a standard type of greeting that can be used to connect with others.

If your sales staff is using this standard greeting and sending it out to large numbers of prospective leads in the hopes of making the right connection, they are not only wasting time but they are also potentially driving off customers.

It is far better to make fewer connections but carefully select the most qualified individuals and make a personal invitation to connect. This not only sets a tone of collaboration and professionalism, but it shows that level of interest that anyone wants in a company they do business with.

A LinkedIn trainer will provide a comprehensive program to identify the best practices for your staff utilizing all the potential of LinkedIn. Through the training, your staff will learn skills to generate those qualified leads they are looking for and also to enhance company branding across the platform. The best part is that these skills and ideas can be implemented immediately, resulting in measurable improvements.

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