Why Young Adults Need To Be Evaluated For the Removal of Wisdom Teeth in Summit NJ

Once a person enters their teenage years, it’s time to start thinking about how they will deal with their wisdom teeth. Although those in their early teens may not notice the impact of their wisdom teeth, how those teeth grow in will have a significant effect on their oral health. If you’re a young adult who hasn’t visited an oral surgeon in order to be evaluated for wisdom tooth removal, here’s why you should do so soon:

Possible Problems:

It’s possible that your wisdom teeth may erupt with no issues. However, this is not the case for many people, and having them removed early can prevent a plethora of problems that may negatively impact your oral health. For example, your wisdom teeth may grow in at an awkward angle due to space constraints, and this crowding could result in your other teeth becoming misaligned. If your wisdom teeth are impacted (remain beneath the gum line), you may experience even more problems like bacterial growth that leads to an infection, severe swelling, and unbearable pain. Furthermore, it’s possible that you could develop cysts in your mouth. If this doesn’t sound like something you’d want to experience, then it may be wise to get an evaluation from an oral surgeon as soon as your wisdom teeth start coming in so that you’ll know whether you need to have them removed.

Easier Removal:

Many oral surgeons have found that removing wisdom teeth is easier when the procedure is done early on. If a patient has their wisdom teeth removed before the roots have a chance to fully develop, they may be able to avoid the aforementioned dental issues, and they may also be more likely to recover more quickly from the surgery as the trauma will be minimal. Some oral surgeons also believe that having your wisdom teeth removed before your oral health starts to decline will reduce your chances of complications from the surgery. Your decision to remove Wisdom Teeth in Summit NJ should be guided by a thorough evaluation from a qualified oral surgeon. If you’d like to know whether it’s a good idea for you to begin thinking about wisdom tooth removal, consider a visit to Westfield Oral Surgery. Visit the website to find out more about how Dr. Philip R. Geron, D.M.D. can help you preserve your oral health and avoid pain and suffering.

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