Why You Should Take Your Time Clock Online

A time clock is a system by which employees can check themselves into work and record their time of arrival and departure, day in and day out. The word has been around since 1885, as per Dictionary.com, and as per Chron, it also gives employees a clear way to say no to late hours. It allows for a catalogue of both your employees’ behavior and time management, as well as other data.

However, one thing a traditional card-based time clock system doesn’t do is prevent the many loopholes and inefficiencies surrounding it, as well as provide an easy way to sort through all the data a time clock can amass over months.

That’s where the Internet-based solution comes into handy.

Why Keep Time Clocks Programmable Through the Internet?

There are several reasons to go online with your time clock and shift scheduling system, and here are a couple of the big ones:

For one, an IP time clock prevents forged or faked time clock cards through the solutions of a reputable company like ELTEC. By instead keeping an inaccessible digital log of all shift starts and ends through a centralized computer, employees can no longer forge when they did and didn’t work.

Data aggregation and analysis in quality time clocks also allows you to see how often an employee has been late, whether that trend has been growing or slowing, and more information about your employee’s habits.

Basic webcam services attached to the time clock system allow you to avoid the notorious buddy clocking problem that haunts many original time clock card systems.

Considerations to Make About IP Time Clocks

There are some security issues to consider when connecting your time clock system online, but these are easily mitigated by proper password etiquette, and a basic but proper firewall.

As long as you maintain a sensible approach to cyber security within your company, school or hospital, you’ll have nothing to worry about – and everything to gain.

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