Why You Should Make a Mazda Your Next Car

Mazda was not always known for its exceptional reliability, but times have changed. Mazda is now on par with the other large brands when it comes to reliability. Mazda is now in the top ten car makers for reliability. This combined with their pricing and styling make Mazda a great choice, but is it enough and should you be looking for a Naperville Mazda dealership?


In the past, Mazda was known to be plagued with problems which turned many drivers away from them. In recent years, however, they have greatly improved their reliability. Mazda is now rated as the number six spot for reliability. This puts it well above the likes of Honda which didn’t even make the top ten. Since most people use Honda as something of a benchmark of reliability, this should be a good indicator of the reliability of the current generation of Mazda vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency

Mazda is becoming an industry leader when it comes to fuel mileage with most Mazda models reaching 30 city and close to 40 highway with some exceeding this. Even the flagship CX-9 manages 22 city, 28 highway. For an SUV this size, this is decent mileage. For smaller models like the Mazda3, however, mileage is exceptional with a rating of 3- city, 41 highway.


The 2017 Mazda3 comes with engines pumping out between 155hp and 184hp. While this may not be as much as European cars of the same size, Mazda opted to use naturally aspirated engines rather than turbocharged engine which reduce reliability and add an additional failure point. By keeping the compression low and not adding a turbo, you will not be straining the engine components and should expect a longer life. There are many more reasons to consider a Mazda as your next vehicle. They have come a long way in the last few years and should be expected to continue to improve. Keep reading more information at http://www.hawkmazda.com

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