Why You Should Invest in Clip on Lights

Clip on LED lights are one of those things that most people never think they will need until they do that is. These are great little tools to have around the house and can save you a great amount of effort when you are trying to work and hold a light. So, what are a few uses for these lights?


How many times have you had to go into your crawlspace and had to worry about dragging along a flashlight that is just going to get covered in dust and dirt from the ground? Then, if you are working on something you have to either balance the flashlight somewhere or work with one hand. With a clip on light, you can just clip it on and go.

Electrical Work

Another situation that no one thinks about until they have to is electrical work. If you have to install a new light switch or outlet, you will need to shut off power to that section of the house to make sure you do not get shocked. This is even worse than the crawlspace since you cannot usually do this work with one hand and there likely won’t be anywhere to balance the flashlight that high up. You could have someone else hold the light, but what if you live alone? This is the perfect example of when a clip on light is the perfect tool for the job.

Power Outage

Yes, this is not as bad as the other two, but it is a great convenience to be able to walk around your house or read without worrying about a flashlight or candle. Also, because the clip on lights use LEDs, they will outlast most other types of flashlights.


A clip on LED light is something you do not know you will need until you do, so it is a good tool to have on hand.

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