Why You Should Hire a DUI Defense Attorney in Iowa City IA

Being charged with driving under influence can be a scary experience due to the heavy fines and long jail sentences set. In most cases those who are arrested and charged with DUI are unaware of their rights and prefer not to challenge the prosecution. This can be a big mistake. The penalties for drunk driving include fines, prohibitions, long term community service, jail time and suspension of your driving license.

In addition, a DUI conviction could result in social consequences including heightened insurance premiums as well as loss of employment opportunities. Hiring An Experienced DUI Defense Attorney in Iowa City IA can help avoid the unnecessary consequences of a DUI conviction. While there are many attorneys, finding a qualified, knowledgeable, experienced, reliable, and trustworthy one is of great importance.

Finding the top attorneys

One of the good places to find a competent attorney is a state bar. The state bar has a list of qualified DUI defense attorneys. Once you have a list of referrals and you narrow it down to 4-5 candidates, you can conduct your interviews. When interviewing a DUI defense attorney, make a note of their knowledge, experience, and case wins. Also, consider how well you get along with them.

Defense strategies used by attorneys

The most competent defense attorneys use their knowledge to create a defense strategy that covers one or more of the following:

1. Wrongful administration of the Miranda warning can help you as an attorney will be able to deny any incriminating statements made at the time of the arrest.

2. If the officer who stopped you had no valid reason, the judge may choose to ignore the alcohol test results.

3. The time the test was taken is of great importance because of the time it takes for alcohol to be absorbed into the blood varies from person to person. If your stomach is full then the time it takes for alcohol to be absorbed is longer. An attorney will focus on these points in order to create doubt.

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