Why You Should Hire a Chimney Sweep on Long Island

When you view your chimney from your attic, basement living room, or even in your yard, you may have the question of whether or not it is actually suitable for the task it is intended for. You may also wonder what the inside condition of your chimney actually is. Most homeowners simply expect their chimney to offer a smooth path for gases and smoke to easily escape from your furnace, stove or fireplace. Your chimney is also charged with the task of shielding the remainder of your home from the flame and heat that is created. Are you sure it can do this? How do you find out if you are unsure?

The answer to this very important question is to hire a chimney sweep on Long Island. Unless you are completely comfortable with heights and ladders, hiring a professional service for this task is likely the smartest solution.

It is important to have your vents, fireplaces and chimneys inspected at minimum once a year to ensure they are functioning properly.

Possible Chimney Issues
Even if your chimney appears to be solid on the exterior, it may be hiding a number of issues on the interior. Issues such as deteriorating mortar; missing or broken bricks; broken, cracked or missing tiles on the flues all need to all be replaced right away.

Other common issues include chunks and flakes of deteriorating masonry or metal that is rusting inside of the chimney accumulating and blocking the escape of the dangerous gases. Additionally, birds may get inside and block the flue with their nests. You may need to install a chimney cap in order to keep curious critters from entering though this passage.

When you hire a professional Chimney Sweep on Long Island from Ageless Chimney Inc., you will have someone that is equipped and trained to handle any type of chimney issue that may be present. They can simply remove the soot from the chimney or provide more extensive repairs to ensure that the chimney is functioning properly. The chimney sweep will also be able to recognize other potential issues and correct them before they turn into huge, and expensive, problems.

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