Why You Should Find Commercial Litigation Services In Houston

It is paramount to Find Commercial Litigation in Houston attorneys when you are wronged by a manufacturer. By law, any manufacturer who misrepresents their products to the public are in violation of their customer’s consumer rights. Consumer rights violations, however, are not limited to misrepresentations through advertising. These violations branch out into several subcategories that protect consumers overall. In litigation, a primary focus is placed on consumer rights when anyone is injured while using purchased products in their home.

Focused Efforts
The primary objective for a civil litigation attorney in a product’s liabilities case is to prove fault. They prove fault by showing how a product design flaw or mislabeling led to the victim’s injuries. With focused efforts these attorneys gather proof to support this claim in court. When possible, they push for an investigation by the Consumer Rights Protection Agency.

If an investigation determines that more products are flawed or require additional labeling a recall is ordered. By filing a claim against the manufacturer, you could prevent future injuries and addressing the problem overall. Your attorney assists you in these efforts by fighting for compensation that is rightfully yours.

Commercial Litigation
Law Offices of Filteau and Sullivan focus their efforts on consumer rights in product’s liabilities cases. Within these cases, a consumer sustains an injury during the use of products. The liability related implies that the consumer was unaware of the hazard due to a failure to properly label the product’s packaging. These attorneys represent consumers in these cases and fight for their right to compensation in these matters. If you were injured while using a product you purchased, contact this law firm and begin the litigation process.

You should Find Commercial Litigation in Houston attorneys after sustaining product-based injuries. Your consumer rights protect you against these violations based on failures of the manufacturer. These failures could relate to the lack of warning labels or a flaw in the product’s design. When you file a lawsuit against a manufacturer, your attorney additionally files a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. This report may led to an investigation of the product and ultimately a product recall.

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