Why You Should Consider Private Navy Housing in Norfolk

If you’re moving to Norfolk, Virginia, for work, you’re likely already familiar with the region’s strong naval presence. Whether an active-duty sailor or a civilian working on a naval base, you’ll need a place to call home. While there are plenty of housing options, one option worth considering is private Navy housing in Norfolk. Here are a few reasons why.

The Perks of Private Navy Housing

Private Navy housing can offer many benefits that other housing options may not. One of the biggest perks is the proximity to the base. Private housing communities catering to naval personnel tend to be near military installations, significantly reducing your commute. Additionally, private housing often comes with amenities like community centers, swimming pools, and fitness centers you may not find in other housing types.

Flexible Lease Terms

Another advantage of private Navy housing in Norfolk is that the lease terms can be more flexible. Many private housing communities offer shorter lease terms than traditional apartment complexes, which can be advantageous if you’re on active duty and need to move frequently. Some private housing companies will work with you to break your lease if you’re deployed or have a change of orders.

Increased Sense of Community

When you live in a private Navy housing community, you’re living among fellow service members and their families to create a strong sense of community and make it easier to find friends and support. Additionally, many private housing communities offer events and activities designed to bring residents together and build that sense of community.

Higher-Quality Homes

Private Navy housing companies are often highly invested in providing top-quality homes for their residents. You’re likely to find well-maintained and updated homes with modern amenities. Some private housing companies offer homes designed specifically for military families, with features like extra storage, yards, and other conveniences.

If you’re looking for private Navy housing in Norfolk, visit the Boardwalk Realty & Development website.

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