Why You Should Choose an AAHA Accredited Pet Doctor in Honolulu

The American Animal Hospital Association accredits small animal hospitals in the United States that meet the strict standards of the non-profit organization. In order to be accredited, a Pet Doctor in Honolulu must meet standards for quality of care, facility maintenance and housekeeping, management and medical records. As you search for a health care provider for your new pet, consider using a facility that holds an AAHA accreditation.

The AAHA requires all accredited facilities to meet 46 standards. These mandatory standards include procedures for administration of anesthesia, patient assessments prior to administration of anesthetic agents or sedating medications and a means of ventilation available if it is ever necessary. There are mandatory and non-mandatory standards for every area of the facility. Animal hospitals that go through the accreditation process review their own internal practices closely to ensure they meet the standards set forth by the AAHA.

When you use an AAHA-accredited facility, you can be sure that your pet will receive the highest quality of care. Because the accreditation process requires that every member of the veterinary team is working together to provide the best possible outcomes for their patients, your cat or dog will be well cared for whether they come to the facility for grooming or surgery.

The Honolulu Pet Clinic is one of the six clinics on Oahu which has met the stringent guidelines of the AAHA and received the honor of being accredited. All of the staff worked hard to obtain their accreditation and prove to their new and prospective patients that they are making the right choice by choosing the clinic. The AAHA is constantly reviewing the standards for accreditation to ensure that pets in Hawaii and across the mainland are receiving the best care available by their member animal hospitals.

Whether you have a new puppy or kitten or you are in the market for a new Pet Doctor in Honolulu, you can be sure that an AAHA accredited facility has the practices in place to care for your pet when they are sick and well. The AAHA reviews all of the facility’s procedures, from pain management to the cleanliness of the examination rooms to ensure that only the best facilities receive the coveted accreditation.

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