Why You Should Call for Mice Removal in Ankeny IA as Soon as Possible

No one wants to admit it, but the signs of a mice infestation are undeniable. If you’ve got these pesky critters in your home, then you’ll need to call for mice removal in Ankeny IA quickly to prevent them from causing serious damage to your home and health. Until then, read on to learn some of the problems mice can cause if left alone to their own devices.

Water Pipe Damage

If you’ve got PEX tubing running through your home, then your water supply is at risk from damage caused by mice. Although their teeth aren’t as strong as rats’, mice teeth are fully capable of gnawing holes in your PEX tubes.

Electrical Damage

Mice can chew through electrical insulation with ease. If you’ve got an infestation, chances are you’re looking at some damage to your wires, which means you are also looking at a fire hazard in your home.

Damage to Personal Property

Since mice like to chew on almost anything, you can expect certain personal effects to suffer damage as well. Books, furniture, and important papers are all targets for mice.


Yes, mice are as dangerous to your health as many people believe. Their feces and urine can contain diseases such as leptospirosis and hantavirus. Leptospirosis causes serious flu-like symptoms from high fever to vomiting, while hantavirus causes hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, which can ultimately prove to be fatal. Visit our website today for effective mice removal in Ankeny IA at Premierpestiowa.com.

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