Why You Need to Speak with a Probate Attorney if You have Small Children

Everyone wants to believe they will live a long and happy life. However, the unexpected can occur and a person’s life can be cut short. Whether they are involved in a fatal accident or suffer from a terminal illness. You want to be prepared in case of an untimely death, especially when minor children are involved. You want to ensure the future of your children and know they will be adequately cared for after you pass away. A Sacramento probate attorney offers the services you require to make sure your final wishes are followed and to minimize the risk of a lengthy legal litigation.

Reasons to Include Minor Children in Your Estate Planning

After you pass away, you want to make sure your children are well-cared for. One way of ensuring this happens is by including them in your estate planning. A Sacramento probate attorney can provide the valuable information that you require to protect your minor children’s future. They can legally document who will receive custody of your children. This is an important decision to make, especially if there is only one parent alive or both parents pass away at the same time. Also, they can help establish trust funds to make sure enough finances are available to care for the children without placing the financial burden on the guardian.

Ease Your Mind with a Trusted Law Office

As a parent, you worry about the future of your children and what should happen to them if you pass away while they are still a minor. The Law Offices of Mitchell S. Ostwald can help put your mind at ease by providing the legal services and advice you require to help prepare for the future. An attorney will assist you in documenting your final wishes to ensure your children are well cared for after you pass away.

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