Why You Need the RF Ablation Norman Services

Spine care is essential especially when one is experiencing back pains. Back pain can take over your life. It can incapacitate you so that you don’t work anymore. It can get you addicted to painkillers that will not really help. Proper care from a specialist will deal with the root of the problem; he or she will not merely eliminate the symptoms but treat the problem. Rf Ablasion Norman from is the specialized treatment that will help you get back on track.

Introducing Radio frequency ablation

This method has been used for more than 25 years to relieve pain. However, only recently has it been widely practiced. The principle behind it is that it attacks the source of the pain. The doctor is guided by x-rays of the back to insert a cannula near the nerves causing pain. They are then treated with radiant energy, and this gets rid of pain.

Disables transmission of pain

Pain is transmitted through nerves in the spine. When the radio frequency ablation is done, this is stopped. This is because the nerves are subjected to very high temperatures. These temperature changes disable the nerve pathways. This way, transmission of pain is stopped for months and even years. The nerves that control normal sensation or movement and balance are not affected.

Relief for chronic pain

People who have arthritis and other bone conditions suffer endless back pain. People who have sport injuries also have lots of pain. One may also have pain if their discs are compressed or if they have been misaligned. This treatment offers comfort for such people. Massages and painkillers only offer temporary relief; surgery is so much more dangerous. But this method is the most suitable and less invasive.

Rf ablation Norman services can get rid of your chronic pain. This is one effective way for you to continue living your life. When the pain is gone movement will be easier. You will therefore be able to strengthen the muscles surrounding the injury or pain source. This could lead to recovery. It will also increase your flexibility, and this is good especially for sportsmen. Just arrange an appointment with Dr. Darryl D Robinson, who is an expert in spine care. This might be the first step towards overcoming your chronic back pains.

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