Why You Need Social Security Disability Lawyers in Tucson, Arizona

Are you considering filing for Social Security disability? Before you start the process, read this post and learn more about why hiring Social Security disability lawyers in Tucson, Arizona, can help you achieve a more successful outcome.

Most People Get Denied

It’s not a myth. It’s a fact. Most people’s disability claims get denied the first time. Once you receive a denial, the appeal process is the next step. While there’s no rule that says you must have a lawyer represent you during the appeal, it’s in your good interest to do so, and here’s why:

  • The appeal process is complicated.
  • Disability lawyers have professional relationships with administrative law judges (ALJs) and know their biases toward certain medical conditions. This knowledge can help you gather the right evidence to strengthen your appeal.
  • You need someone on your team to guide and advise you on what to say and do during the appeal hearing.

The Good Time to Hire a Disability Lawyer

Most people hire disability lawyers after getting their denial letter in the mail. However, the good time to hire a lawyer is before you file your initial claim. While approval isn’t guaranteed, hiring a lawyer at the beginning of the process can help you present a stronger case and provide more precise medical records to increase your chances of getting that initial approval without going through a lengthy approval process.

Are you ready to speak with Social Security disability lawyers in Tucson, Arizona? Contact Slepian Ellexson, PLLC, at Slepian.com to learn more.

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