Why You Need An Inmigracion Abogado In Nashville, TN

Tennessee laws uphold the national requirements for visiting foreign nationals. This includes the proper acquisition of visas based on the purposes in which he or she wish to enter the country. These laws also apply to situations in which visiting aliens wish to become naturalized citizens. If you are facing deportation and require an Inmigracion Abogado Nashville TN today, you should contact Dawn A. Garcia Attorney At Law now.

Visa Requirements
Anyone who is not a legal citizen of the United States is required to secure a visa before entering into the country. These visas are available for work, college, and leisure. Each of these options is available for a predetermined amount of time that is listed on the visa. If at any time the visiting alien wishes to extend the duration of their visa, they should contact the appropriate agency. All visiting aliens are also required to apply for a new visa in an adequate amount of time prior to the expiration date on the visa.

Updating Vital Information
Changes that occur while the immigrant is visiting the country are reported to immigration services. This includes transfers to another college, changing employers, or moving to a new residence. If these changes are not reported to immigration, the visiting alien is subject to deportation based on non-compliance with immigration laws.

Criminal Acts
At any time that a visiting alien is charged with a crime in the U.S., he or she is subject to the same penalties based on those imposed on legal citizens. In some cases, deportation is possible. These individuals have the legal right to hire an attorney and receive fair trial. If he or she is found guilty, they may face deportation and an inability to enter the country again.

With changes in laws and procedures, visiting aliens should consult an Inmigracion Abogado Nashville TN at any time that they are facing deportation or feel they were the victim of profiling. An attorney can help them avoid deportation and allow them the opportunity to become a naturalized citizen. If you wish to consult an immigration attorney today, call and schedule an appointment. Click here for more details.

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