Why You Need Air Duct Cleaning in Albany NY

Fire, smoke, and water damage remediation requires a lot of special equipment and specialty services. Besides cleaning out the water and moisture from water damage, cleaning the walls after fire and smoke damage, and salvaging your contents and belongings, Air Duct cleaning in Albany, NY is an important part of the restoration process. Why is air duct cleaning so important after fire and smoke damage?

Cleaning Out the Soot

Fire and smoke causes an after product called soot. It can occur when things like certain plastics, fuels, foods, and other organic materials burn. Soot is a flaky or powdery black substance that sticks to everything and even gets into the vents and air ducts all over your home. Your ductwork is where most of the soot will settle and it can become very thick which will not be conducive to air flow. It is also hazardous if it is breathed into the lungs. Professional services for cleaning out the soot from your air ducts and vents are important to the restoration process after fire and smoke damage.

Improving Air Quality

Cleaning out the ducts after fire and smoke damage is crucial to your home’s indoor air quality. Soot is only one of the harmful substances that end up in your air ducts after fire and smoke damage. Other toxic chemicals categorized as carcinogens are also found inside ducts and vents after a fire. It is important that this issue is handled by the right professionals with the appropriate cleaning supplies and equipment for the job.

The Process

It takes a visual inspection of all the points of entry where soot can get in and special vacuuming and brushing equipment to remove the bulk of the soot and contaminants. Air Duct cleaning in Albany, NY will also include getting rid of the odor left behind even after vacuuming and brushing the ducts. Special cleaners, deodorizers, and coatings are used to do a proper cleaning and decontamination on your air ducts.

If you experience damage due fire and smoke in your home, professional services need to be called in to do the cleanup. They not only know how to properly clean and restore, but they also understand the regulations and safety guidelines of the job. Professional Fire Restoration Services, PFRS provides 24/7 services for residential and commercial fire, smoke, and water remediation and restoration.

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