Why You Might Use an Electric Service in Charlottesville, Virginia

You might think that the best time to use an Electric Service in Charlottesville, Virginia is when there is new construction or if you’re remodeling a home. Frankly, these are both excellent times to hire an electrician as it’s a requirement in the state of Virginia to use a licensed electrical for any electrical work. However, these aren’t the only instances where you might want to call an electrician. What’s more, there may be times where a smaller company or a company that offers a wider variety of services might come in handy.

One example of where a general electrician can be helpful is if you’re installing a new chandelier or light fixture in your home. Many of you will be able to manage this task on your own. If, however, you want to ensure that the wiring is done right, done quickly and reduce any risk of injury, then hiring an electrician is the way to go. Because these types of jobs go by so quickly, it’s quite affordable to have a company like Fitch Services, that will work on smaller electrical jobs.

Another reason you might want to use an Electric Service in Charlottesville, Virginia is if you buy a new appliance such as a dishwasher. Unlike a washer, dryer, fridge or a stove, a dishwasher requires several wire hookups as well as access to water lines. Having an expert install it for you can make the difference between a dishwasher that works and one that doesn’t. At Fitch, they offer plumbing services as well, so you wouldn’t need to bring in more than one company to have this done.

A fuse box is another area where an electrician is a must. While authorities in Virginia will overlook the fact that you changed out your light switches and plugs without the help of an electrician, they will fine you if you attempt to upgrade your own fuse box. What’s more, this is a complex job that requires matching the wires to the right place as well as ensuring that the wires you choose are the right gauge for the electrical load of your home.

If you need some work done, considering getting your Electric Service from Fitch Services of Charlottesville, Virginia. Here you will find a large staff of professionals ready to provide you with the work that you need done.

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