Why You Might Not Want Cheap Flights from Chennai

Everyone wants to save money, no matter where you live or who you are. It is in your nature to want to get the best deal. However, cheap flights from Chennai may not be the best way to save money.


Cheaper flights have a lot of hidden fees, such as taxes, insurance costs and more. This can be hard for some to believe, but many airlines do not include all the extras to make the price seem less. Make sure that the price you see includes all fees. Most airline websites will specifically tell you this somewhere near the bottom of the website or the table.

Round Trip Tickets

In some cases, airlines are making flights look cheap when going from Chennai to somewhere else because they only show the one-way ticket price. However, this isn’t always true because some airlines offer discounts if you purchase a one-way ticket from Chennai and then back to Chennai. Therefore, you may want to check the price for round-trip and one-way flights to see which is the best for you.


The idea of cheap flights does look really great because you can save money, but scheduling can be difficult on these flights. Most of them are late night flights, called red-eye flights, though there are some early morning flights, as well. If you have young children or are on a particular schedule, you may not be able to take these cheaper flights.

Some airlines may require you to fly on non-peak days or hours, which can cause problems with your scheduling, as well. In most cases, less expensive flights are only given through the week and many people enjoy traveling on the weekend because of work or school schedules. Non-peak hours can include early mornings and nights, but it may also include vehicle rush hour times and other undesirable times.

No Refunds

If you receive a discounted flight, you usually won’t be able to get a refund or exchange. Refund policies should be read on the airline website to find out what their refund policy is in general, but also for discounted or cheaper flights. In this case, you should be very sure of the times you need to travel so there are no rescheduling needs later.

Baggage Restriction

Sometimes there is a cheap airplane flight because only carry-on luggage is allowed. This is beneficial to many business people who are only packing for a few days, but it can be more difficult for a family on vacation. Make sure you understand all restrictions. When considering cheap flight tickets from Chennai to Mumbai, you may want to reconsider, based on the time you want to fly and the amount of luggage. Consider Jet Airways for your cheap flight needs.

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