Why You Might Need Outpatient Physical Therapy in Marlton, NJ

Physical therapists – or physiotherapists to some – work with their hands and manipulate areas of the body’s musculoskeletal system to treat illness, pain, and discomfort. Many people are referred to them by surgeons and doctors after a hospital stay for further physical recovery and rehabilitation work.

How Does Physical Therapy Work After Hospital?

Our hospitals’ doctors, nurses, and surgeons do a fantastic job of helping people overcome their illnesses each and every year. Unfortunately, the physical recovery for many people after surgery, for example, is a long and arduous road. This can certainly take its toll on a patient’s emotional well-being and mental health. This is where expert outpatient physical therapy is often prescribed.

Outpatient physical therapy sessions are designed to:

  • Help a patient recover physically from a stay in hospital that may have involved serious surgery.
  • Help patients to regain the use of their limbs and other parts of their bodies after an accident.
  • Treat those with neuromuscular conditions to relieve their pain and regain a wide range of physical movement.

Outpatient physical therapy in Marlton, NJ is focused on helping the patient through non-invasive means. Physical therapists understand the intricacies of biomechanics and can pinpoint areas that are causing pain and referred pain in other areas of the body.

Not Just for People Who Have Been to Hospital

Of course, a qualified physical therapist can help anyone. In fact, many of them treat people with spinal injuries and debilitating spinal conditions. They believe that many illnesses and pains have as their source a spine that is out of alignment and in pain. By realigning the spine with other parts of the body, they can help to relieve pain.

Contact us for more details of how a physical therapy session can help you to regain full movement, relieve pain and aches, and treat physically-based illnesses.

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