Why Would Someone Need a Root Canal?

Root canals seem to be a mythological story told to help individuals seek regular trips to the dentist. Root canal appointments are a simple treatment to prevent a tooth from needing to be pulled. One can keep their tooth because a dental specialist will go inside the enamel to a section called the pulp. Here lies the problem at hand, the pulp once infected cannot be cured unless pulled or extract from inside the tooth. This sounds more intensely worrisome than it should. However, a root canal procedure will allow a professional to disinfect the tooth and surrounding area. Extracting the pulp which has become infected, thus once removed saving the surrounding teeth from undergoing an identical routine.

How to Identify Signs a Root Canal Is Needed?

Inflammation and consistent pain coming from within the tooth. Is it difficult enjoying a meal because of built up pressure while chewing? Developing an abscess? Not only should these things be taken serious but consider making an appointment for a root canal in Chicago as soon as possible. Allowing too much time to pass may cause an infection to flare up if one hasn’t already begun.

Can the Tooth Function Normally After a Root Canal?

Certainly. After the pulp is extracted and the area treated for lingering bacteria. The tooth is sealed with a rubber like formula. Then a cap is situated over the tooth to help promote a healing environment. The cap offers a suitable stable for everyday wear without pain. One can expect swelling and sensitivity after experiencing a treatment, which is typical. However, over the course of a week a patient will notice a significant difference. The tooth will no longer be inflamed or causing a horrific toothache. Studies have shown that after a root canal an individual was able to enjoy foods like before. Continued consumption did not affect or undo any of the root canal treatment.

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