Why Water Damage Repair in Willow Grove PA Matters

Water damage can occur for a number of reasons. The cause may be an overflowing washing machine or maybe a water heater than bursts. Natural disasters like flooding can also be the reason behind the damage. Whatever took place, it is important to realize that addressing Water Damage Repair in Willow Grove PA promptly is in the best interests of the homeowner. Here are some of the reasons why swift action is a must.

Protecting the Home Structure

When flooding takes place, getting the water out of the house is the first step associated with Water Damage Repair in Willow Grove PA. The goal is to dry out the area, so it is possible to see what type of damage was done. In the best case scenario, there will be little to do other than cleaning and disinfecting the home. At other times, the level of damage may mean making some structural repairs to the home.

For example, if the home is flooded due to heavy rains, there is a chance that the foundation is adversely affected. After draining the water, it will be possible to see what to be done to stabilize the foundation. Doing so will alleviate stress on the frame of the house and prevent a number of problems from developing later.

Getting Rid of Mold and Mildew

One of the more common issues with water damage is that it creates the ideal environment for mold and mildew to develop. The humid atmosphere will mean that clothing and other items can be ruined. At the same time, mold can develop on rafters, floor joists and even in walls. Since mold poses such a health threat to anyone living in the home, the best approach is to find every spot where the mold is developing. That could mean ripping out wall facades, cleaning the frames, and then replacing with new facades.

For any homeowner who is attempting to deal with the aftermath of a flood or some type of plumbing problem, call the team at ServiceMaster of Jenkintown today. It will not take long to figure out what must be done in order to ensure the damage is repaired and that there are no lingering effects that could cause problems for the family in the months and years to come.