Why Utilize Screen Printing in Lee’s Summit, MO?

Screen printing in Lee’s Summit, MO makes uniforms, display items, and promotional gifts more impressive that regular color printing. The process provides more flexibility with designing to make names, patterns, and logos more unique than anything the competition can display with a printer. Computer aided design (CAD) software is used by artists and graphic designers to create intricate details, bold shapes, blurred outlines, or other visual components. The computer prints the design on a fine mesh screen. Ink is forced through the screen to imprint the design on the product.

The mesh material used to be silk, but is typically polyester these days. Different mesh sizes effects the overall look of the finished product. A finer mesh allows for delicate designs and many colors, while a larger mesh is ideal for block designs and bolder impressions. One color at a time is used, which results in layers of colors that add texture to final products. Screen printing in Lee’s Summit, MO is available on a variety of promotional products of all types of materials. Plastic, fabric, wood, metal, ceramic, glass, and tile all look stunning when screen printed. Colors last longer, logos will not fade or crack, and the high-quality makes a lasting impression on customers, staff, business partners, clients, and investors. Automated machinery makes the process quick and cost-effective, once the design or logo has been entered into the software.

Other in-house production services include heat transfers, signs and banners, embroidery, and custom made stickers and decals. Regular printing is also an option for adding a business name or logo to hundreds of promotional products. Getting the business branding in front of as many people as possible will help with recognition, attract new customers, and increase revenues. Selecting the right product to make a direct connection to the business is the key to successful promotional gift giving. Recommendations, selection assistance, and answers to questions are provided by knowledgeable staff to help businesses get a high return on their investment. An experienced company, like House of Apparel, for example, can provide processes and products to suit the needs, preferences, and budgets of any sized business across industries.

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