Why Use an American Based Contract Machining Company?

If your business needs a source for parts or products, you may think about outsourcing manufacturing services. By using a contract machining company, you can cut costs, increase efficiency, and produce quality products at affordable prices. This can help you stay ahead of the competition and increase profits. However, many companies choose to outsource to foreign shops, and this can be a big mistake. Here are some important reasons to outsource to US-based companies.

Millions of Jobs Lost

During the 21st Century, large US corporations have cut their workforces by nearly three million people. At the same time, they increased their foreign workforces by almost two and one half million people.

I’m Just One Business

Many companies (especially small businesses) don’t think it makes a difference if they use a contract machining service that’s located overseas. However, when you use a foreign company, you take away work from people in your own country.

Problems with Foreign Outsourcing

It’s possible to save money on your production costs because some foreign services are in countries with lower living expenses than the US. However, lower cost can sometimes cost you more than you think.

Quality Issues

With a foreign contract machining service, you may be getting unskilled workers or people without proper training. They might use machines that are outdated or incapable of precision work. When this happens, you could be getting inferior products that may look good but fail after a short time.

Communication Problems

When you work with a foreign company, you could encounter language barriers. It can make communications difficult, and your instructions may not be understood and followed. This can lead to a host of problems including delayed shipments and getting the wrong materials. By choosing an American company, you can eliminate these problems and keep more jobs at home.