Why Truck Bed Covers May Be the Most Important Truck Accessories Shingle Springs

There are many types of truck accessories out there. Truck bed covers top the list as one of the “must haves” for truck drivers today. They have many uses which leave people pulling out their wallets to get the next best cover. Why are they so popular? Vintage Transport breaks down the top reasons why you should have one if you own a truck.


Truck bed covers can be removed or left on the truck. They store easily and are not heavy at all. The only downside is that they cannot be moved from truck to truck. Covers are specifically fitted for one size truck bed so unless someone else has the same size bed; the cover would not work.

Safety and Theft

With crime rate on the rise, certain Truck Accessories In Shingle Springs provide more value than others. The truck bed covers can deter thieves from stealing things out of the back of a truck. Most thieves look for easy targets and things out in the open. Bed covers allow things to not even be seen keeping the person and their vehicle safe and out of a possible bad situation.


With the weather in Shingle Springs, it is best to have some type of protection if hauling things anywhere. Although there are not many pop up rain showers, it can occur and catch one by surprise. Without the bed cover, all of the items in the back of the truck would be wet and maybe ruined leading them to be replaced.

Gas Mileage

According to studies done, having a bed cover increases the trucks miles per gallon. This has to do with the aerodynamic drag. Special aerodynamic covers are sold that reduce the drag and reduce fuel consumption. These covers also allow for increased covered storage. The miles per gallon with any bed cover are not reduced by an extraordinary amount, but every little bit helps with gas prices today.

There are many different brands of truck bed covers on the market so it is best to do research on what may be the best fit. Click here to research bed covers and other Truck Accessories Shingle Springs.

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