Why to Choose Silver Jewelry in Westchester

There are many reasons why beautiful Silver Jewelry in Westchester is so abundant. It is a popular metal choice for jewelers and looks wonderful on many skin tones. Silver is a malleable metal and is easy to transform into exquisite designs. It is also more affordable than similar looking metals like white gold and platinum. Sterling silver is used for jewelry and is a mix of silver and other metals. This is done because pure silver is too soft to hold its shape. There are many reasons to choose silver when jewelry shopping.

Silver is known as one of the brightest jewelry metals. This increases the sparkle of any piece. It’s white tones do not discolor gemstones the way gold might. Silver is so affordable people can spend less of their budget on the metal and more on the gems. This makes it easier to get a large diamond in an engagement ring or increase the size of any stone in any type of setting. Silver Jewelry in Westchester is easy to wear with other metals like white gold and platinum because they look so similar.

Many shoppers at Michael Matthews Jewelers purchase silver because its low price makes it easier to keep their jewelry collection consistently updated. Trendy designs are only fashionable for a few years. Many fashionable women do not want to wear jewelry that looks dated or out of style. Replacing gold jewelry every few years is not always affordable, so silver makes it easier for people to consistently update their trendy pieces.

Silver values have had some sharp increases occasionally over the years, but overall the value tends to remain at an even level. This is good news for consumers because their jewelry is likely to retain its value over the years and, if cared for properly, may even increase. Of course, most people do not want to look at their jewelry as an investment. People buy it because it is beautiful, meaningful and makes them feel good. The sparkle and shine of silver is appealing to nearly everyone and it is a metal that is used in some of the most desirable designs available.

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