Why Tile Roofs In Pompano Beach Will Serve You Best

Tile roofs are the most trusted form of roofing all over the world. This is because they are durable, visually appealing and are readily available everywhere. A good tile roof can stay intact for more than a hundred years. This is the ideal roofing material for the permanent houses and especially if they are living houses. Here are a few things that you ought to know about tile roofs in Pompano Beach.


Mostly, roofing tiles are made of ceramic that has not been glazed. However, wood, concrete and stone can also be cut to make tiles. Other composite materials that mainly come about as a result of recycling procedures can also be used to make tiles. The stones used for this purpose are marble, onyx, granite and slate. The best thing about these tiles is the fact that they make roofs that are strong enough to weather all kinds of storms, and are very durable.


There are many shapes in which tiles can be made. The flat tiles are of course the easiest, and they are simply laid adjacent to each other to form a smooth roof. However, there are other styles that will normally interlock, and these include the s-tiles and the pantiles. Roman tiles are also common and when they are laid they create interlocks since they have concave and convex shapes.


The use of tiles for roofing dates back to ancient Greece in the 3rd century BC. The early Helladic house of tiles found in ruins in Lena Greece has terracotta tiles that were said to have fallen from the roof. This shows that the ancient Greek people had already discovered a fireproof way to roof their houses. The temples of Apollo and Poseidon both had tiled roofs instead of thatching, which was quite common in the era.

Compared to other forms of roofing, good tile roofs in Pompano Beach will serve you for long, and they will also protect you since they are not easily destroyed during storms. Repairing them is also easy since one only has to remove the tiles of the leaking section and replace them. While in most places the Spanish style ceramic tile roofing is the most common, in some areas like Germany you will find the beaver tail roofing styles that are also very attractive and unique.

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