Why There Is an Increased Demand for Cremation in Mason, OH

Nearly half of Ohio residents now choose cremation instead of traditional burial. That is partially due to the fact that many religions which once required burial now allow cremation. There are also other reasons for the trend. For example, Cremation in Mason OH is a popular choice among residents who want to lower funeral costs. Some people dislike the idea of using land to bury caskets and others strongly dislike the thought of being buried.

Many People Dislike the Idea of Burial

Some residents who choose Cremation in Mason OH find the idea of being buried in a casket horrifying. It is a common fear that often has its roots in historic accounts of people being buried alive. Although today the chance of that happening is almost non-existent, the dreaded idea remains. There are also clients who ensure that they will be cremated because they do not like the idea of a body decomposing over time. These people often view cremation as more logical, since it is a simple, natural process.

Cremation Makes Funerals More Affordable

It is also common for families and clients who are pre-planning funerals to choose cremation in order to control costs. Depending on considerations like casket type, embalming, cemetery location and type of headstone, a traditional funeral can cost $10,000 or more. In comparison, it is easy to arrange a direct cremation for less than $1,000. Once ashes are returned to families, they are free to arrange funerals that are as simple or elaborate as they wish.

A Cemetery Plot Is Not Needed

Environmentally conscious families often opt for cremation. Most want to avoid using a plot of land to bury a body. They typically feel that cemetery burial wastes valuable land that could be better used for “greener” purposes. The majority are also concerned about putting an embalmed body, casket and vault into the ground. Their worry is that the embalming fluid and other materials will pollute natural resources as they decompose.

Funeral directors are seeing an increase in cremation requests. Many clients choose cremation in order to save money. Cremation is also popular among those who detest the idea of being buried in the ground or simply do not want to use valuable land for a cemetery plot.

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