Why There Is an Increased Demand for Cremation in Bel Air

Funeral industry experts expect that, in the near future, the number of cremations will surpass traditional burials. Cremation in Bel Air is already part of nearly half of services. Families that want to minimize final expenses often arrange cremation through professionals like Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services. Clients can easily ship ashes or even carry them to memorial sites. There are also many creative and meaningful ways to dispose of cremains.

Families Avoid Going into Debt

Clients with limited budgets may choose Cremation in Bel Air. Traditional arrangements that include embalming, services, a cemetery plot, and burial can cost $15,000. Elaborate granite memorials often add thousands more. In contrast, clients can research sites like and get information about affordable cremation services.

When clients visit the website, they are offered price lists that make it easy to compare options. Most funeral homes offer dignified direct cremations for a fraction of the cost of traditional arrangements. The savings allow families to celebrate relatives’ lives without going deeply into debt.

Memorials Can Be Personal and Portable

Even clients who can afford any type of funeral often arrange for cremation. Many people feel that cremation allows them to design more personal memorials. They may dislike the limited location options available when services include embalmed bodies in caskets. Time is also a factor since bodies must be buried within a fairly short time, even when embalmed. Families can take their time designing funerals around cremains. Ashes are portable and inexpensive to ship. Many clients simply have ashes placed in urns they display at memorials. Services can be held anywhere, indoors or out in areas where mourners have few restrictions.

There Are Endless Ways to Dispose of Ashes

Although many families scatter ashes during memorial services, some find more creative alternatives. Disposal methods can express the last wishes, personalities, and, special interests of the deceased. For instance, ashes can be planted or included in reefs. There are companies that add them to fireworks that are set off during funerals. Cremated ashes can be added to stuffed animal urns. Some families bury urns on their own properties. Others have them added to memorial jewelry which is worn by friends and relatives.

Funeral homes are seeing an increase in cremation requests from clients who want to minimize final expenses. Cremation also simplifies funeral planning and allows for nearly endless memorialization choices.

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