Why the Cheapest Fabrication Shop Isn’t Always Best

When you are looking for a fabrication shop to create custom projects for your construction project, you are likely going to gather bids from multiple metalworking businesses. That’s a great way to ensure that you get the best value for your dollar, but too often we see shoddy workmanship being performed by companies who gave the lowest bid.

There are many great reasons to consider a fabrication professional who charges a little more. While it can be hard to consider a price that isn’t the lowest available, the long-term price may be sneakier than you think. Here are some of the best reasons to carefully consider what you want from a fabrication professional:

  • If a bid is significantly lower than all the other bids you’ve gotten, there’s a good chance that a company has made a mistake in their estimations. They may not realize the scope of the project, or they may have overlooked the cost of certain supplies. The lowest bid almost always turns out to involve more cost due to errors.
  • If a company values their work as fabricators, they aren’t going to charge bottom dollar. Therefore, if you want very high-quality work from expert craftsmen that will not only look great but will also last, you will have to consider why it is that a company wouldn’t be interested in charging what they could for such a high level of service.
  • Consider that companies who bid lower are often less experienced than other companies. They are usually trying to get their foot in the door and build up some reviews, and this means that your project won’t have the same level of expertise. Untried fabricators could slow down your project, and make big mistakes due to lack of experience.
  • Another problem with companies that bid fabrication very low is that they don’t take safety into account. One reason that a fabrication shop may charge more is to cover the cost of their insurance so that you aren’t held liable for damages or injuries. Consider every angle of the business, and how a shop could afford to charge so little and still do everything legally and safely.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you may want to go with a company that has a slightly higher bid in many cases. To learn more about custom fabrication work and how we offer high-quality service, contact Casteen Ironworks at 303-868-8922.

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