Why the Big Box Stores Don’t Always Make Sense

Big box stores have gained extreme popularity in recent years. These often work well for consumers, as they have good pricing. However, for businesses, using big box stores often creates inconvenience that cancels out any savings you might find. Here are some reasons why businesses might want to avoid the big box stores.

1. They don’t have a great selection. Local stores will carry a bigger selection of big items you need, like printers, than a big box store. By having a larger selection, you are more likely to be able to find the items that best meet your needs.

2. They don’t deliver. As a professional, your time is better spent running your business than picking up your new printers from the big box store. Local stores will deliver and offer many other personalized services that help you to spend your time doing what you do best.

3. They don’t offer maintenance and repair. If you buy from a big box store, you’ll get no local service or repair options. When you need service or repair, you’ll have to deal solely with the manufacturer.

4. Customer service may be lacking. Big box stores are in business to move a lot of volumes. They don’t focus on customer service like a locally owned company. You might never talk to the same person twice. With a locally owned company, you can develop a relationship that will help you get what you need when you need it.

The next time you need to purchase items for your business, take the time to check out a locally owned provider, instead of assuming you’ll get better pricing or service from a big box store. When you need supplies or printers in Orange County, local is often better.