Why the Audi RS For Sale Is A Great Car To Consider For Your Next Vehicle

If you are looking for a high performance vehicle, the Audi RS for sale in Cherry Hill, NJ and the surrounding areas should be under your consideration for being that vehicle. The RS has a lengthy track record, being that it has been around since 1994. The RS “name” was taken from the German “RennSport,” meaning “racing sport.” The RS has some of Audi’s most advanced engineering and technological features of any vehicle in its entire inventory. Learn more about the Audi RS for sale and its impressive features below.


The Audi RS for sale has 591 horsepower (hp), along with a torque of 590lb-ft, because of its twin-turbocharged 4.0-litter V-8 engine. In addition to its power, it come with an eight-speed automatic transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive. That all-wheel drive enables the RS to handle corners at high speeds easily. without you feeling it. The Audi RS’s high-performance wide tires, broad shoulders, and of wide fenders also help it to attain strong traction on the road, also ensuring you will not feel any bumps while on your way to your destination.


A key reason why you will not feel those aforementioned corners is because the RS has strongly bolstered front seats that keep you steady no matter how fast you are going or how rough the terrain is. Additionally, all passengers will experience a comfortable ride thanks to the roomy five-seat cabin that provides plenty of legroom and headroom for all. The RS has a notable honeycomb pattern grille, unique front bumper, and oval exhaust outlets.

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