Why Teeth Whitening in Westville is so Important

There are several methods to Teeth Whitening in Westville. You can buy whitening products for daily use in a pharmacy or contact your dentist for a consultation. Over-the-counter products are technically safe, if used properly. However, they do pose a risk for people with sensitive gums and teeth. It is always best to contact your General Dentist before considering whitening.

The products used in whitening procedures contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These products work by break downing, oxygen enters the enamel, rinsing them virtually clean. Also, dentists have the option of using lasers to achieve better results. As you age (and according to human nature) teeth will begin to darken. Often this process occurs more rapidly, for different reasons.

Common reasons behind staining

Drinking certain items like tea, coffee, red wine and other things high in dye can cause staining. Another cause of great importance is tobacco use. Tooth decay, fillings and tartar can contribute significantly to discoloration. If the nerves and blood vessels of the teeth are damaged by decay or trauma, your teeth could also darken. Some types of stains can be caused by illness or drugs. For example, a type of antibiotic called “tetracycline,” which is given to children whose teeth are still developing, can be attributed to a yellowish tint. Seeing your dentist about Teeth Whitening in Westville can remedy all these issues.

Alternatives to whitening

Other means you can use to improve appearance of discolored teeth include the following:

     *     Check to ensure the healthy appearance of your teeth, removing any accumulated tartar.

     *    Follow the guidelines, given by your dentist, on the prevention of caries.

     *    Brush your teeth regularly.

     *    No smoking or, in case you have the habit, quit.

     *    Reduce consumption of beverages and foods that have high levels of dyes.

     *    You can use whitening toothpastes, which are slightly abrasive. They can help remove surface stains, but do not alter the shade of your teeth. Currently, experts are reviewing the effectiveness of these toothpastes. Your dentist can advise you about the replacement of metal fillings or crowns, as well.

There are home kits you can use, but it is best to undergo Teeth Whitening in Westville to ensure you get the healthiest, whitest smile possible. For more information on this, or any other dental procedure, contact Cross Keys Family Dental today.

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