Why Teaching People About the Holocaust Is Very Important in Las Vegas

As far as history is concerned, there are many things we can learn from it. There are also many people who are more than willing to teach us about these things. One of those people is Ben Lesser, who wants to make sure that nobody forgets just how tragic the Holocaust was. Here are some reasons why he thinks this is so.

Human Values

When the Holocaust occurred, it was viewed as the biggest breach of human values that had ever happened. It was a literal attempt to murder all of the Jews who lived in Europe. The reason behind doing this was not just to kill them, but to rid the world of their entire culture as well.

Study to Stop

By studying how the Holocaust happened, students and others can learn how it was actually a gradual process that could have been stopped. It was not a sudden event that happened overnight. Nor was it an event that was inevitable in its occurrence.

Identificantion of Actions

By studying the Holocaust via lessons provided by Ben Lesser, students may learn to identify the actions that powered this tragedy and therefore recognize them when they begin to happen again. There are many different economic, religious, and social aspects as to why society disintegrated into such an immoral morass during this time. These aspects should never be forgotten because to do so would make it that much harder to stop another Holocaust from happening.

If you would like to learn how to teach others about the Holocaust or to learn more yourself, contact the ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum at zachorlearn.org.

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